We Remember Vietnam War

Don't want to read the text below but have a story to tell about the time of Vietnam War? Click HERE to tell us. Thank you!

What is this?

This is a project by a Year 10 class in Society & Environment course at Belmont City College in Perth, Western Australia.

The interest for this project came from students following the ANZAC Day assembly and introduction of Vietnam War as a topic of study in Term 2 this year. So far, we have done a preliminary research and brainstormed the possible ideas for the project. We wanted to create something:

  • unique, based on primary rather than mostly secondary sources of information
  • something that we and other people can easily add to and build on in the future, and
  • something useful that can be used by other schools, groups and individuals to explore the times, events and stories of the Vietnam War from a variety of historical perspectives.

There are many sources of information on Vietnam War available on the Internet. Our map will be unique because the reader/viewer will be able to virtually ‘go to places’ where the stories occurred, read them, listen to them and see the background.

All of this will be done on an adjustable, printable, sharable, dynamic online globe map using Google Earth - world’s most popular mapping application.

Why are we doing it?

To help us get a broad yet very personal perspective on experiences of the war by people from a range of historical sources and really appreciate the complexity of the conflict and its continuing impact on the Australian society.

How will it work?

We will collect data from two sources:

Primary sources
We will ask Australian veterans (regular and drafted), protesters, conscientious objectors, public figures, Vietnamese refugees, Vietnamese soldiers... anyone who remembers the period of Vietnam War about one positive and one negative experience related to the war. Simple!

Secondary sources
Publicly available information, images, video and audio clips, records.

We will insert information from these sources on a Google Earth map. The map will have different layers of interest for easier viewing. These will be easy to choose.

How will we get people to tell us their stories?

  • by talking to our students directly

  • by completing a simple online form at
(if you wish you can insert this link on your webpage or pass it on in an email)

  • by sending an email to a dedicated email account weremember09@gmail.com (managed and accessible only by T. Lasic, teacher-in-charge) about one positive and negative experience (name, dates & places appreciated)

  • by posting their story about one positive and negative experience (name, dates & places appreciated) to:
Tomaz Lasic, Belmont City College
106 Fisher Street Belmont WA 6104, Australia

  • by calling (08) 9479 2235 (Belmont City College – Humanities Learning Area) and leaving your contact details – we will call you back.

How can you help?

If you have a story about Vietnam War or know someone who would be able to share a piece of history with us we would be very grateful if you could pass this on, point them to this website, share the link to the online form, send us a letter, get them to give us a call or send us an email.

More stories - better memory for our and future generations!

You can always contact Mr Lasic at tomaz.lasic@det.wa.edu.au or catch him on Twitter as lasic.

Thank you very much!

Year 10_3 class &
Mr Lasic