Progress so far...

7 April - ANZAC Day assembly at Belmont City College
9 April - Term 2 - Topic preview (Vietnam War), students asked to be mindful of stories about Vietnam War in the media surrounding ANZAC Day 25 April & collect if possible. Two week school holidays begin.
28 April - Term 2 begins, review of holiday media, introduction to Vietnam War topic & historical background, 'Australians at War' Ch 7 Vietnam War shown, visit by Department of Veterans Affairs officer to Belmont City College
4 May - student brainstorm on project topic and format, decide to enter ANZAC Day School Awards national competition
5 May - project cleared with Dept of Veterans Affairs and WA Vietnam War Veterans Association
6 May - format and questionnaire designed, online form created by teacher and students
7 May - work begins on historical background, text search and preliminary list of contacts compiled, first offers of cooperation by local and national bodies and individuals with shared interests (historians).
8 May - wiki "We Remember Vietnam War" ( created (includes Vietnamese language version/translation tool), overview of CD 'Australians in Vietnam War' and Google Earth features in class, students given tasks over the weekend on suggestions for layers and arrangement of data.
9 - 10 May - the site and the project promoted for the first time by T. Lasic in a blog post and over Twitter (lasic). Offers of help come from WA, SA, NSW, New Zealand and USA. First story posted on the project online form.
11 May - in-class overview of secondary sources of in information, students given a task of deciding which will be used and the way we will use it before assigning individual and group 'jobs' and deadlines, story about our project goes out to parents of a school in Woolongong (NSW).
12 May - Discussed and decided on project groups/stages, created Project groups page.
13 May - All groups activated their Gmail accounts and had a first look at the map and its features, gathered a topic-specific box of resources from the library to share. 'Honour Roll' groups best so far in organising time and planning. Started our progress board in class - 'to do' & 'done' for each group public.
14 May - More stories coming in. Groups started using Google Documents to share useful links.
15 May - Searched for appropriate placemarks for the map (Mr Lasic), students asked to/reminded to gather stories from their family and friends - minimum goal 1 story per student.
16 May - Cleaning up and updating the wiki, spread the news of our project to an influential veteran in the area.
17 May - Started a 'Collected stories' page to display the stories received so far - some stunning and moving stories by a couple of veterans.
19 May - Working on the map in groups in class. First songs identified and researched.
20 - 21 May - Map icons found and decided on. Groups change from original to 'icon based' until more stories arrive. Interest from a teacher in NSW.
22 May - no work on the map (teacher illness) but new stories arrive. Students read text on fighting conditions.
25 May - 26 May - No access to computer lab - problem. Watch and analyse documentary 'Australians in Vietnam' and hear stories of the conflict and of several veterans.